RPLIDAR A2M8 360º Object Avoidance problems

We have installed a RPLIDAR A2M8 3601 scanner but we are having an issue of detecting false positives and leading the copter to a stop where there is no obstacle at all.
This hexacopter mounts the Pix Cube with latest stable ArduCopter. Here is a video of the sudden stops.

Thanks for your help!
Rafael Roldán

Maybe the rplidar is close to the propeller plane. I don’t know if the laser could detect the tip of the propeller with the arm deflection. Could you test the lidar placing it some higher?

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Check on the log file for glitches in the proximity signal

Yes, we have tried at different heights with the same results. According to specs, Lidar beam flatness is between +1,5º and -1,5º so we should have plenty free space. We are going to make a taller mounting (about 15 cm above props plane) and try again. Thanks!

Thanks! Do you know the exact parameters to look for these glitches?

Did you solve this problem?
I am having the same problem.
But it only happens in Loiter mode.
Works perfectly in Althold.

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No luck here… Same problem.
In LOITER we have sudden stops with nothing in front. In ALT-HOLD, no stops but the copter does not stop into a real obstacle. Very disappointed with this…

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Hello, my friend!

I am about to start a project similar to yours and I plan to use the RPLIDAR A2. My goal is to build a hexacopter that can perform object avoidance. I kind of got discouraged reading this discussion and I want to be as cautious as possible before I actually order the RPLIDAR A2 and start assembling the drone.

If you would be generous and share with me some details about your code, assembly, and different aspects you had to deal with will building your drone, I would be very grateful for you!

My email address is: mabdelraziq@murraystate.edu

We can also have further discussions in the future and benefit from each other!

Thank you!

I had this same issue with the A2 on our build. Not as extreme as in the video but it definitely had false detection. It is high enough that it isn’t detecting any part of the frame of props.

No luck for now, I’ve been trying many things (power supply, props or body reflections, direct sunlight interference, defective LIDAR…etc) but I always get the same result…
I don’t know how to continue with this.
Any help or test suggestion from the community is greatly appreciated.

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Hi Rafael,
I too facing the same issue,did got the solution .

Sorry no luck with this LIDAR. Still same issues

If you read the Lidar’s description before start working with it, you can spare a lot of time and effort.
“The RPLIDAR A2 is a sleek,indoor, 360 degree 2D LIDAR.”

Same problems indoors.


What is the log say about the detection? How long was your AVOID_MARGIN?

Any update for this issue?