Rover-4.3.0-beta1 released!


Oh, so you think that the new branch is no more accurate than Rover-4.3.0-beta1?

I have seen improvements with a better WENC_POS_Y/WENC2_POS_Y adjustment. But I will have to compare:

  • Rover v4.2.3,
  • Rover v4.3.0-beta1,
  • your branch,
  • your branch with timing+rounding (five files),

on the same vehicle with the same mission and even repeat. Give me a couple of days (my feeling or preference is one of the last two).

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Since it was difficult to succeed reliably on the long lap mission as above, I decided a test of twelve eights around a square 1.2m x 1.2m, starting as before on virtual (40.1 -3.1) and returning to it (backwards), with two tests for each of above. Results follow.

Randy’s branch + IrqMod (five files substituted):





Randy’s branch:





Rover 4.3beta2 20221004:





Rover 4.2.3stable:





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Thanks @Webillo, so far it looks like the new branch and Rover-4.3.0-beta1 performance is pretty much identical.

At the time of this writing, Rover-4.3.0-beta1 flash and tests are pending (PIP takes a lot of computing time even on a M1), so no conclusion yet. Aditions will appear together above.

Performance shown by the Google Earth fingerprints is very similar, but that shows where the vehicle thinks it is: videos show where it really is, and there are differences (see video fingerprints). For example, mission end (when yellow trace retracts (on mission waypoint as home (also (40.1 -3.1)))) mostly appears east of home point with same latitude, but really it is south of it.

Completion at 20221007:

  • Randy’s branch+IrqMod: test1 GEfingerprint+video+VideoFingerprint, test2 GEfingerprint+video+VideoFingerprint (complete).
  • Randy’s branch: test3 GEfingerprint+video+VideoFingerprint, test4 GEfingerprint+video+VideoFingerprint (complete).
  • Rover-4.3.0-beta2 20221004: test5 GEfingerprint+video+VideoFingerprint, test6 GEfingerprint+video+VideoFingerprint (complete).
  • Rover-4.2.3stable: test7 GEfingerprint+video+VideoFingerprint, test8 GEfingerprint+video+VideoFingerprint (complete).
  • Other?: empty set ∅.


  • Trajectory followed better in v4.3betas than in v4.2.3stable, although difficult to differentiate fidelity in v4.3betas, both with Google Earth fingerprints and with video fingerprints (program quality different).
  • Vehicle completely silent in v4.2.3stable, but with tilt oscillations that cause great teeth noise in v4.3betas, so unless a better tuning is possible (how?) it seems difficult to justify the change, since v4.2.3 is sufficiently precise.
  • All versions with occasional communication failures, even with balance bot, ground station and router in the same room (wifi is used).
  • Message AP_Logger: stuck thread (write) at the beginning with v4.2.3stable; however, bin logs appear normally.
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