Roll and Pitch not working on quadcopter

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My quadcopter’s receiver to ESC is working fine, but for some reason the motors are not responding to roll and pitch commands. The manual controller is responding as it should with Ardupilot in the throttle, yaw, roll and pitch, but when actually using the controlls and flying the copter, I don’t feel pitch and roll commands working on the motors and my drone won’t tilt to turn or move forward. I suspect this is an issue on the firmware side, but am unsure how to fix this. Anyone got ideas?
Additionally, the only indication I have is the servo output is only responding to throttle/yaw and not to roll and pitch. I can’t figure out what is going on to fix this issue.

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How exactly have you reached your conclusions?
Exactly what experiments have you done?
With what results?
And post a .bin log file.

First confirm all your wiring is OK, probably with a photo or two
The receiver should connect to RCin
The ESCs should connect to the Main servo outputs
Do all mandatory calibrations
Does the RC calibration page give your moving bars - indication that there is RC input?
Use the motor order diagrams and MissionPlanner motor test to verify the motor order and the spin direction of all the motors.

Testing while the copter is held down, or without props gives totally unexpected results. Only MissionPlanner motor test counts for anything.

Hey Shawn, thanks so much for responding, I’ll send wiring photos in the morning if you’d like but all these steps are completed. The RC calibration page does give me moving bars for all 4 commands. The radio calibration page responds accordingly, I have used the motor order diagrams to ensure the directions are correct and the motor test is also working correctly. However, motor test on MissionPlanner only tests the throttle, is there a way to test the yaw, roll, and pitch without the manual controller? Again, any suggestions are welcome, I am trying to get this fixed asap.

Using the motor test to check individual motors is essentially all you need.

Odd. Have any idea why 3/4 functions aren’t working then?

Why do you think that the functions are not working?

What flight mode are you in?

If you want it figured out, test fly and send the .bin log file here. Without it it’s just guesswork.

Sure, how do you suggest downloading the .bin file to send?

Save it to a Cloud storage service and post a link to it.

In the log file there are only tlogs and rlog files, are one of those correct? There isn’t any file saved as a .bin

No. The .bin file’s are on the Flight Controller and have to be downloaded.
Read the docs,
Downloading and Analyzing logs

And explain what you mean by “not working”. It’s flying and it doesn’t respond to Pitch and Roll stick inputs?

I already asked that question twice…

Hey, I’m also working on this project with Nicole.

When we increase the throttle using the RC controller, through channel three, the drone behaves as expected. However for roll, pitch and yaw inputs on the RC controller, through their respective channels, the servos don’t change speed but the input is being shown on the radio calibration page.

We aren’t using a compass which is our most recent guess as to what is causing the issue.

Is the craft flying or not when you witness this? If it’s sitting on the ground or on the bench then what you are reporting is irrelevant.

Yes its all been done on a test bench, without propellers and with propellers with it secured to the bench. Does the drone have to reach a certain altitude prior to getting yaw, pitch and roll control?

Which tells you nothing. Don’t bother with the log there will be nothing to see there. The craft has to be in free flight before you can conclude anything useful other than the motors run. But even that should be done using Mission Planners Motor Test.

Suggest you start here:
First Flight with Arducopter

I don’t think that is good idea …

  1. No

We tested the drone in free flight (stabilize mode) and got it to hover however the RC controller right stick inputs, which control roll and pitch, and the yaw control on the left stick aren’t working. When I move them there is no reaction, the drone stays as it was. Any ideas on what it might be?

I don’t have a bin log for that test, but I do have one for a test flight which barely got off the ground (due to tuning issues), if that’s of any help. I’ll get a bin log from a better flight test as soon as I can.
3 12-31-1969 4-00-00 PM.bin (500 KB)

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