RFDesign TXMOD v2 with Yaapu telemetry script on FrSky Q7

I have a RFD868x and a RFD868x-TXMOD v2, both running firmware 3.38 (but newer versions should also work fine), and the ESP32 on the TXMOD is running version 1.46 (but newer versions should also work fine)

In the air I have an STM32 F7-based flight controller running ArduCopter 4.1.0-rc1 (but newer versions should also work fine) connected via telem2 to the RFD868x. The RDF868x also provides SBUS data to the rcin input of the autopilot. I did set the parameter RC_PROTOCOLS=8 to make 100% sure that it gets correctly decoded.

On the ground I have an FrSky Q7 running OpenTx 2.3.10 (but newer versions should also work fine) with Yaapu7 version 1.9.5-beta1 (but newer versions should also work fine)
Also using SBUS to communicate with the RC transmitter (10ms frames)

Air rate 200Kbit/s, Mavlink2 and 256bit encryption. It works great so far.

The Ardupilot FrSky telemetry documentation contains step-by-step installation instructions.

Many thanks to Yaapu and RFDesign!


Remember using the RFD radios for RC control it is vital to set the channel behaviour during failsafe conditions (link loss)

Thanks @amilcarlucas for prompting me to use SBUS with the TXMOD.
Actually using SBUS gives way less jitter than PPM and it respects throttle failsafe and radio failsafe (like lost link or radio died) so it is less important to set the channels to a desired output and use the PPM failsafe setting.
Of course it is still important that failsafes are set correctly and tested!

FYI: I am using Air speed 200, baud 115, max window 80 and RTS/CTS