Requesting Help Calibrating SimonK 30A Esc on a PixHawk Board

Hardware is
RadioLink Pixhawk
Radio AT 10 Transmitter
RadioLink R12DS Receiver
RadioLink PRM-01 Battery Monitor

F 450 Frame
SimonK 30A ESC <4>
ReadyToSky RS 2212 920 KV motor.
3s - 4Ah- 60C LiPo

I am unable to calibrate the ESC
I followed the Manufacture procedure on Calibrating One ESC at a time - this did not help.
The ESC was connected to the Receiver Channel 3 .
Tried to follow the beeps sequence but unable to calibrate successfully.

Tried the all at once Calibration process and this did not work either.

Please Help !!

I am new at this and am learning !

Connect everything up as it will fly when completed. Perform the radio calibration and any other mandatory calibrations including the Initial Parameters.
The run the semi-automatic ESC calibration, which is ironically the most automatic was of doing it.

Thank You Shawn.
I will follow the procedure and feedback.
I am not always sure if the ESCs were calibrated correctly.
I know this is an obvious question: But is there a way to confirm the ESCs were calibrated correctly ?
Thank you for your help !

Shawn, I do not mean to disrespectful BUT that Procedure

I ultimately had to calibrate each ESC individually and then everything worked !
The exact step at which you move the throttle from high to low is completely different.
My apologies for being direct.
It required a lot of effort.

How do you know it doesnt work? What happened?

Jesus Simon K’s are bloody 18 years ago with Afro esc,Noa used them as back up for the Ark with candle power,though they were the bee’s knee’s in there day


Ha, ha good one Marty! :grinning:

ESC calibration? Who does that anymore?
If you have a Relic like this perhaps

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Greetings to ladies and gentlemen, I am new o taking drones and the electronics involved in it. I sincerely apologize if I offended anybody’s knowledge and expertise in this field. I have a lot to learn.

And as far as ESC calibrations go - mortals like us still need to calibrate it because we follow the procedure on ArdoPilot mission planner processes for configuring a Pixhawk

Now as far as the calibration of the ESC’s you know, the following happened:

I disconnected the quadcopter from mission planner - disconnect USB.

Connected the 3S 4 mAh LiPo battery.

My transmitter was recognized by the receiver which is connected to the RC in port on the pixhawk.

As per the procedure you are supposed to hear to beeps and at that point you need to push the throttle down/minimum.

Which is what I did.

But nothing happens after that everything is dead.

That is where the whole procedure fell apart.

I was doubting myself that maybe I had multiple things which were not connected properly or I had changed the values on mission planner. So I reset the whole thing reinstalled everything did the calibrations again that is the compass and the gyroscope. And there was no luck with it.

I even tried the all-in-one calibrations which absolutely does not work. My sincere apologies for stating this fact.

I hope I will have the privilege of asking for help in the future.

That doesn’t sound like the semi automatic calibration procedure to me.

If you continue to struggle replacing those out of date ESC’s with some BLHeli_32 units would be wise. They don’t require calibration, among other benifits.

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Thank You Sir,
I was able to Calibrate the SimoK Esc 30A
Was able to connect to the motors : ReadyToSky RS 2212 920KV
They are tuning in the correct directions .
I am able to control them correctly with the RadioLink AT 10

But I will Positively look into the BLHeli_32 < made a not of it >
Any recommendations on Motors which would match these ESCs ?

If I may ask another question : are there specific Xsmiter/Receiver combinations which work better with PixHawks ?
Your responses would be much appreciated . Thank you.

RBsr71,here is a very nice set of motors and esc’s with props that a lot of us use on our Hexsoon 450 edu quads which is same size as your F450 these perform well and are very smooth, T-Motor Air Gear 450 V2 Combo - Motors, ESCs and Props - Multirotor from 3DXR UK Also for your info Dave and Shaun are two of the most knowledgeable people on here especially around tuning and set up,Enjoy your Ardupilot experience it really is awesome have fun.

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Not really, more personal choice. I like Radios that run EdgeTx and I have a combination of Frsky and Crossfire protocols using a Radiomaster Tx. ELRS would be a good protocol choice also. I would avoid anything from Radiolink as they are bad actors relative to Ardupilot.

Thank You Marty,
I am experiencing the issue of “hesitation/jitters” during star up < close to Zero RPM >
Upon researching I am finding out that this is a characteristic of Sensor less motors.

If you could please answer this question:

  • Are ESC for Sensored motors VS sensor less motors different ?
  • Are T-Motors Sensored motors?
  • Can a bad ESC cause this issue ? The reason I ask this question is that I put three different motors on the same ESC and they all displayed the same issue.

Your help in this matter is very much appreciated.
Thank you.

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You definitely dont need sensored motors - something else is wrong.

Go to MissionPlanner motor test and check what percentage is required for slowest/smooth/reliable operation of all motors?
For example if the motors need 11% to start and run reliably, then call it 0.11 and set that value as
Now add 0.03 to that value, for example 0.14, and set that value as

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As Shaun says up the minimum speed Rahul,you will not go wrong taking advice from Shaun he is very very good

Sensored typically only applies to brushed motors. Follow this procedure.
Setting motor ranges

Thank you for y’all so much for this valuable information. In fact I came across the settings which Shawn is talking about on PID tuning.
Sincere Thanks to all three of you.

I did get my Quadcopter to hover yesterday. But I soon realized that “it needs to be tuned” !
Well I am embarking on that journey now.

I will feed back on the setting Shawn recommended.
Thank you again Gentlemen.

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Great news Rahul,I am sure both Dave and Shaun will give you great advice and help as you continue your Journey,and well done on getting your 1st hover with Ardupilot,

Marty, I have not had good success in tuning the Hexcopter I have assembled.

I watched Randy Mackay YouTube video - very very helpful
I have followed line by line the procedures/steps in Mission planner - where it describes the settings and steps to take before the first flight

  • My ESC are calibrated and MOT_SPIN_ARM & MOT_SPIN_MIN numbers are set correctly.
  • The Flysky FS0-i6x is calibrated and switches have been set for Stabilize, Altitude Hold, AutoTune & Land
  • I have two 4000mAh 3s connected in a parallel ( studied the pit falls before doing this) and the configuration seems to be good.
  • I have calibrated the Compass and the GPS in Mission Planner successfully.
  • I have exported the battery parameters from Mission Planner to the PixHawk successfully.
  • I am able to bench test the drone - arming it , turning on the motors and turning off the motors and disarm

Here is the issue

  • I am trying to get it to Hover - before I engage AutoTune ( at least that is what the process is I think from watching tutorials and reading Mission Planner documentation) - BUT I AM UNABLE TO ACHIVE HOVER.
  • This is what happens - the craft just tilts right over.
  • Yes the motor placements / rotations are all correct - as per Mission Planner documentation. - the props are installed correctly for CW and CCW rotations.

Could you please help with any pointer on achieving a decent Hover before I can go on to Auto Tune.

Any help will be much appreciated.
Thank you so much.

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Hi Rahul,could you post a we video from arming it till it just starts to tilt,I presume it is not flipping right over