Real FPV Acro in Copter? Is it realy true? No, its like riding a wild horse

Dear Copter,
I need your help to setup ardupilot in full acro mode. Full means 100%, 100% means ‘asli’ in bahasa.
I had set acro option whatsoever 1 2 3 with no luck. The accel balance still in there. And the worst thing when i was doing a 360 even 480 roll it just like riding a crazy horse in the rodeo🙏

Could u please advice what i miss OR ardupilot cant do such things?

Thanks so much

Have a read thru the 7" Long Range build Blog. There are some tips there for configuring/tuning for Acro flying.

Also post a log with fast attititude logging on.

ArduCopter can fly just as well as Betaflight

So please help me to setup acro things there. I don’t think filter had relation with stab and acro.

As long as u use an Accelerometer to stablize or something else, It was just not acro. Acro only used gyro and fly

If you want my help, you would do well to provide the information I asked for and not try to tell me that I am wrong.

Filters have a massive effect on stabilize and acro. You clearly don’t understand what they are doing.

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