RC Failsafe Time Delay

Hi all,
Currently, I’m experiencing some fail-safe triggering on RC brown outs. I’m looking for a way to give the FC a set number of seconds until it actually performs the failsafe. Example useful scenario:

When flying in Auto, I don’t want to trigger an RC Failsafe unless my RC Link has been down for 10 seconds.

Maybe this is already a feature but I couldn’t find literature on it.

Thank you!

It is hardcoded, defined by the
#define FS_RADIO_TIMEOUT_MS 500 // RC Radio Failsafe triggers after 500 miliseconds with No RC Input
line in config.h
To change it you have to recompile the code.

I did something similar as a custom feature, actively using that on my copter:

Does anyone know someone who could change the FS_RADIO_TIMEOUT_MS to a modifiable parameter? I think this would be useful. @rmackay9

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I would be very careful changing just FS_RADIO_TIMEOUT_MS as if I understand correctly, this would effect all flight modes which would be a very bad thing flying in manual modes. Proceed with caution.

I’m also think so. I believe copter will just execute last received RC channel values during increased FS_RADIO_TIMEOUT_MS period. Even in smart modes like Loiter, this could behave very bad if the last RC command was to descend etc.

I agree, but perhaps this could be changed to depend on the flight mode. i.e: if in Auto, it wouldn’t affect it.
This would be especially good for OEM’s relying on autonomous flight modes

I think you guys should wait a little bit till 3.7 is come out, with onboard scripting you can do whatever you want regarding to failsafe without modifying the actual FC code.