RaspberryPi 4 Mission Planner

I would like to use a Raspberry Pi 4 4GB (with an FPV screen) to build a portable mission planner station ground control.

Could you say if a debian arm build of mission planner exist ?

Otherwise, its possible to build a compatible version from mission planner source code… ?

Mavproxy definitely works on a Pi, but takes a little while to learn.
You could try this: MissionPlannerLite - a stripped down MissionPlanner fork that aims to run faster for real vehicles and support Linux better but I haven’t tried it.
Also, QGC can be compiled for a Pi.

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Any one manage to get QGC compiled for the PI4 yet. Seems it is impossible

just for those searching

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This should help too How to guide: Mission Planner on Raspberry Pi :slightly_smiling_face: