Raspberry Pi + Kakute F7


I’m new to ardupilot.

Is it possible to connect raspberry pi 3 b+ to kakute f7 aio as companion computer (via MAVLink) instead of pixhawk. As far as i can see connection is setup via telemetry 2 and kakute f7 aio has telemetry 2 mapped to uart 2.

Thanks in advance!

Denis, I believe that is very possible. I have plans to do it myself. I have not researched it much yet, but when you see that there is a carrier board in the making to make it easy to mount the two together, it obviously is possible! Using MAVLink, it should not matter what the flight controller is as long as it supports MAVLink. This link may be helpful: Kakute F4 carrier board for Raspberry Pi


i’m very new to ardupilot and i plan a similar setup, either Kakute or Omnibus F4 or F7 connected to a RPI3b.

I planned to connect them over USB as telemetry is available on USB serial from the controller.

Would there be any reason not to use USB but UART ?