Rangefinders (I2C) won't work with Cube Orange but do work with Cube Black

Hey, I’m having trouble with the Cube Orange.
Everything works fine with the Cube Black, but nothing works when I connect the rangefinders to Cube Orange. (I use the same params file).
I tried installing an older version of Arducopter to the Orange (Arducopter V4.0.6) and still, it didn’t change anything.
I also tried changing the params manually, (RNGFND1,2,3,4), still didn’t make a difference.

I use 4 (forward, back, right, left) Terabee EVO 15M rangefinders (forward, back, right, left) and an Orange cube (Arducopter V4.1.5) Mission Planner latest version.
I also use the Hterm software which Terabee suggests.

The connections I use in order to change the I2C address are FTDI232 (TX, RX, GND) to the TX, RX, GND of the rangefinder. (TX, RX are crossed). The rangefinder gets its power from an external 5V BEC.

They should work in Cube Orange also.

It is better to post your parameter lists in order to evaluate something.

Also, your Cube Black could be in an older ardupilot version, and this could be making some kind of difference in the parameters you set up.

Hey, thanks for the reply.
The same firmware is installed on both of the cubes.
I installed an older version on the orange (V4.0.6) in order to check if there’s a bug with the newer versions. It didn’t make a difference.

I went out of my way and checked the rangefinders on a DIFFERENT Orange cube (V4.1.5) and still, nothing worked. (same RNGFNDR params)
I also tried again to install (V4.0.6) and it didn’t work either.

The param files are below.
P.S, the original drone is a Hexacopter. The airframe on the cubeBlack is not the same (Quadcopter).

Let me know if you can’t spot something out that I couldn’t :slight_smile:


Unrelated, but you could set INS_HNTCH_REF,0.147 for the Harmonic Notch Filter to work.

Is the rangefinder issue related to a connector and correct pins?

How will the Harmonic notch filter affect my flight?

The rangefinder issue isn’t related to the connection because the rangefinders work when I plug the same configuration into the Cube Black.

I have a similar problem and I opened an Issue

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No, this is not the same problem.
You got bad readings.
I got no reading at all.
The cube doesn’t even detect the rangefinders.

Oh, maybe it is similar issue as your device cannot initialise properly.
Anyway, just to let you know that there might be is an issue with I2C devices on H7 architecture.