Rangefinders (I2C) won't work with Cube Orange but do work with Cube Black

I’m actually using rngfnd1 with my HereFlow (optical flow) sensor and it’s working very well, but my lightware sf20 isn’t showing any readings while i’m using it as rngfnd2, its connected in serial and when i connect the lidar its lightware program in the computer it works! but it doesn’t work on my orange cube+

after a long journey of trials and software updates-degrades i managed to get it to work! the problem was only when i’m connecting it to the orange cube+ pixhawk, the problem was i used an external power source for the lidar with connecting the TX-RX,RX-TX (yellow-white) wires to pixhawk but when i looked at cubepilot ecosystem image i found out that there’s ground wire connected to the pixhawk even when they are using an external power source so i used the pixhawk power source 5V and ground and surprisingly the lidar has finally worked!.