Radiolink Pixhawk

Hello there.
Anyone using the Radiolink Pixhawk for boating? Does Ardupilot support continue?
Normally I use a Chinese made Pixhawk and would like to buy this product. Do you think it is a good choice?

Noooooooooo , plz don’t use this worse piece , firstly same thing as you think right now , I’m also used chinese clone pixhawk but I saw this shit and buy one after I had a problem and open this and saw there is no compass in this board also much worse this board you can see this thread …

And few days ago my copter smoothly crash after pixhawk + gps are not running

Hope you understand

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face:

hey buddy you can’t be serious When there was no response from here, I ordered the product and now it is about to come to me with cargo. I hope I have the same problems on my boat …

This is the set I bought.

And more Junk…

Dear Dave,

What kind of problem can we face?
Which model would you recommend for my boat?

The thread linked in the above post has some useful information.

As far as I understand, I made the wrong choice again.
Thank you

Well, it should work for your boat. They are not the highest quality, they have cut corners and removed functionality to lower the cost and with the Mini version of the controller are not abiding by the GPLv3 license rules. There are many good choices in Flight Controllers from Matek, Holybro, Hex, CUAV and Mrobotics. Not in any particular order.

I understand, thank you very much.
at least the ardupilot support continues, right?
Maybe I can comfort myself this way :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, it will be running ArduRover so support here!

Dear Dave,
Thanks, you were so helpful

Yuppp , I’m with you @dkemxr

That time I don’t see your post :roll_eyes: , so what can I do

If that possible to return so move on and go with return this product , this is best regards

The product turned out to be defective and we returned it. is going back to the seller now. :slight_smile:
Thank you for your help