Quadsours's jumpy Loiter on ChibiOS

This is a new thread to discuss the issues that @Quadzilla has seen with jumpy Loiter when using ChibiOS. A video of the behaviour is here at 00:13 and logs of a ChibiOS flight and NuttX flight are here.

I’ve checked the logs and here is what I see:

  1. the parameters are identical across the two flights except the INS_GYR_ID is 2360330 (MPU9250) on ChibiOS and 2163210 (MPU6000) on Nuttx. I think this means that ChibiOS may not be using the correct MPU9250’s gyro.
  2. the Z-axis accelerometer values (from the IMU) seem really high on the ChibiOS board and this is clearly the cause of the jumpy motors when in Loiter mode.

@tridge and I are investigating more…

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Tridge replied in the main thread but in any case,

We’ve got a fix that will go out with -rc6 and tridge has provided a fixed binary for the AUAV2.1 board here:

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Well done guys fling relay well now–

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