Quadcopter max speed

Hello, I want to fly my Quadcopter autonomously at its maximum power.
How can I know the final speed it can reach, can I adjust it according to the value on the ecalc site?
Ecalc:(Angle=45 max speed=59)
What happens if I set the wpnav_speed parameter too high?
What should I do the maximum bank angle?
Brotherhobby Tornado T5 pro 640kv
2300 kg
5S 6000 mAh Leopard Power

Search this site, there is a search function at the top.
There is recent results of people doing missions at up to 75 degrees lean angle.
You would need to manually test your maximum speed first in Stabilise mode, check what the current draw is and work out if your components can sustain that for more than a few seconds.

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I would be very careful with one of those cheap F450 frames at 2300g Take-off weight if that’s what you meant. Those plastic arms will be flapping like a bird.

Read thru this thread:
High speed mission

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I made the drone out of carbon. I guess it won’t be a problem.

Something like that would be pretty risky, I guess. Can you suggest a safe lean angle, like 50 degrees?

Another water bottle drop. Is this for a competition?

Sure try 50° and set the Nav speed to 20 m/s and see how it does.

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Yes, for the technofest competition in Turkey. Have you seen another water bottle, I would love to see my rival :slight_smile:
I’ll try 50 and 20m/s but I really don’t want to break it. I hope that’s not a problem.
I have only one question, will it be a problem if 20m/s is a value that the drone can’t reach?

I have but can’t share any info about it :grinning:

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