Quad Qgroundcontroll Never stable

I have a pixhawk quad 3S battery 2213-935kv motors with 1045 props. I have uploaded qgroundcontrol on to the pixhawk 2.4.8 i have reuploaded and recalibrated it many many times and it used to work fine at first.then i tried to attach a raspberry pi but it didn’t work so i uploaded arducopter but then it didn’t fly so I tried reuploading qgroundcontrol but then it totally stopped flying properly as it would wobbled side to side on all four motors and lifted of the ground but then increased wobbling made it fall back down and damage the props. I tried replacing the props and taking the raspberry pi away rearranging it nothing has worked so far. Any ideas would help greatly.

What really would help is for you to install the latest stable ArduCopter version, and stop reinstalling older versions.

And of course post a .bin log file.

BTW uploading QGC into a pixhawk is just not possible. You probably used QGC to upload a FW version to the pixhawk flight controller. When you do that, make sure to select pixawk1 and ArduCopter 4.1.5 not px4. And after that, use mission planner to do the “initial parameter tuning”.

I have done as you have specified with arducopter 4.1.5 and used mission planner to setup initial parameter tuning. I have uploaded the log files as it still does not fly properly and rotates on its yaw axis in a clockwise direction. It did not even lift of the ground without flying all over the place.
The log file is down below

16 01-01-1980 4-00-00 AM.log (523.3 KB)

Then the motor order or direction is likely still wrong. Run Motor Test again and confirm the motors run in this order and direction when you press the A-D buttons.
QX order

I have run the motor test many times and even checked while armed and ready to fly and all seems to be correct as per the diagram.

That’s been stated many times on the forum and it’s still found to be wrong. This log is just a motor test so not much to see. No battery logging and no GPS.