QPlane pusher motor instantly spins when armed!

Hello all, new guy here.
Building a 4x1 VTOL. In the final bench testing phase. When force arming from MP (inside, no GPS) and in MANUAL, FBWA, FBWB mode, the pusher motor spins up. Looking at the servo output it does show the ‘throttle’ servo going to 1800ms. raising and lowering the throttle makes no change. de-arming stops the motor.
When force arming in Q-HOVER the lift motors all spin as expected, at low rpm, but raising the throttle stick makes no difference. motor rpmx4 does not change.
Matek F743 wing,
Confirmed that all ESC’s are plugged into the correct PWM port. I have the pusher ESC on PWM port 1 and servo 1 is ‘throttle’
im stumped. any help?

Any help out there??

Maybe post blackbox logs?

Some thoughts…what were your RC inputs when this happened? What is SERVOX_TRIM for the throttle channel?

I had something similar when I reversed the input signal and the output servo. Might help.


I had a bad transmitter calibration that had the entire throttle span from 980 to 990ms.
Of course when at low throttle of 1000 they would run!