Q_WVANE_LAND difference between No override and Disabled

Does anyone actually know what is the difference between Q_WVANE_LAND “No override” and “Disabled”? Isn’t this exactly the same?

“No override” does not override the option you have set in Q_WVANE_ENABLE. “Disabled” overrides it to disabled.

Thanks for the aswer, but unfortunately it doesn’t help me anymore, because today Arduplane crashed my Heewing T1 VTOL and it’s in a thousand pieces. I enabled weathervaning today above 40m, and the plane crashed and I couldn’t control it anymore or change it to another flightmode. Hopefully this will help other people, DON’T use weathervaning, because it will make your plane crash, this is a buggy feature and not well tested. If your interested, I included the final log, just a bad day today…


For the fun the crash video:

I don’t see any evidence this is related to weathervaning. It worked successfully earlier in the flight, just looks like it ran out of throttle/control power. Weathervaning cannot request anything more than the pilot can, so the vehicle should be tested to ensure it is stable with pilot commanded yaw before enabling weathervaning.

Forward flight pitch tune is extremely poor such that Q assist kicked in several times to save the vehicle.

Arming checks are there for a reason, please don’t disable them.