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PX4Flow data not coming

(Trishant Roy) #1

I am using Pixhawk 2 as flight controller, Lidar Lite v3 for distance measurement.
I want to use PX4Flow for getting the velocity of the quadcopter.
I am taking the Lidar data through pwm and connecting PX4Flow on the i2c pin. The Lidar is working properly. On following the instructions given on the website, I am unable to get data on Mission Planner.

Please help. I am struck on the problems since quite a lot of time.


(ppoirier) #2

First suggestion , upgrade to Copter 3.5.4-rc1, lots of issues wiht PH2 7 I2C

(Trishant Roy) #3

I am using the 3.5.4 firmware… Not working… What is PH2 7 I2C?

(ppoirier) #4

Lol that’s ‘’&’’ without the shift key :slight_smile:

Are you using the I2C connector of the GPS ?
Look at this: Pixhawk 2.1 with maxbotic I2CXL-maxsonar-EZ issues

(Trishant Roy) #5

Lol…We aren’t using GPS… Only the PX4Flow is connected to I2C… Lidar is connected to ppm

(ppoirier) #6

I mean are you using the connecteor marked GPS to feed the I2C ?
This one seems to work better because its the default PixHawk I2C port.

(Trishant Roy) #7

Which port are you talking about in the PH2?

Also, the connector in the PX4Flow should be in the 4 pin I2C port, right?

(ppoirier) #8

If you refer to this:

The pinout of the first GPS is like this:

(Trishant Roy) #9

So, you are suggesting to solder to be able to connect to the GPS I2C, right? … Is there other alternative? Shouldn’t it work with the I2C port on Pixhawk?

(ppoirier) #10

I dont have a Pixhawk 2 to test px4flow on it, but from other I2C related issues, I would certainly try it on I2C1.

You dont have to ‘‘destruct’’ the cables for the tests, jus ‘‘jump’’ the cables.

(Trishant Roy) #11

I just found the required connector, I think. In the given connector for GPS for PH2, there are only 3 wires for the I2C.
When connected, the PX4Flow isn’t powering.

(ppoirier) #12

You obviously need to feed power = 5volts from pin1
For test, powering the Px4Flow from USB should work as well

(Trishant Roy) #13

Yeah… Why haven’t they provided the connector like that?

Yes… the OFS is working when connected directly with USB