Problems with movements

Hi everybody!

After trying to solve my problems in the Facebook group I’ve decided to try here.

I have a Wil Thumper 4WD with Pixhawk2 and Roboclaw motor controller.
I can¡t get that my Rover have ch1 out.
I’ve done that my Rover go forward and after OR steering but not twice.
The weirdest thing I’ve seen is that when I arm the Rover with the button on the Here when i move the roll or steering stick to arm the rover it automatically starts to move but in the Mission Planner I see Disarmed.

I’m very frustrated right now because i don’t find the problem

Hoping your answer


Hi, @garceso

the basic setup procedure is to connect two of the main outputs from the pixhawk to the motor controller. Note which output goes to left/right wheels.
Then you connect to the pixhawk with missionplanner and do the mandatory hardware setup. In the newest version should be a point “servo outputs”.
Here you select the two outputs for left and right wheels. After finishing the rest of the setup you should be good to drive the rover in manual mode.
It is important that you do not have any mixing enabled in your transmitter and in the roboclaw (I do not know if it has an integrated skid steering mixer).

We have the same setup here. Just make sure you use the latest firmware

Hi everybody,

I use the last firmware
I’ve connected the S1 in roboclaw to the output 1 in Pixhawk and S2 to the output 3 in pixhawk.
I’ve done all the configuration steps without good results.
In the servo outputs, I can’t change anything, I don’t have possibility it’s not available to change nothing, i don’t know why



Could you attach a binary log?

By the way, it looks like TC got the same frame working and talked about it here. He was using an older version of ArduRover so somethings will have changed.

Hi rmackay,

So sorry for the delay. Hard times for me
I think I’m using the last firmware version or Ardurover because I erase and upload few days ago.
I left some logs

Thank you so much for your time

2018-01-15 11-08-14.tlog (77.9 KB)
2018-01-02 11-47-02.tlog (712.0 KB)

Hi Pedro,

Those are tlogs… which are OK but don’t have the detail that a binary log has. Details on how to download binary logs are here

sorry, Is it that?

6 15-01-2018 11-03-28.bin.log (25.8 KB)


This log is from a Rover running 3.1.2. I can’t help much with this older version so if possible, could you upgrade to the latest stable version, Rover-3.2.1?

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It’s best to post your problem here ideally including dataflash log files instead of doing it separately over email. Doing it over email means that others can’t learn from the resolution.