Problems with Motor attempting Desired Speed to Throttle PID Tuning (Solved)

Hello everyone!

Today, I tried the Desired Speed to Throttle PID tuning. I had already set the parameters CRUISE_SPEED and CRUISE_THROTTLE some time in October.

Rover and manual controller (Graupner mx16) are charged properly, and a simple test at the beginning of the week showed that the motor reacts to input from the Graupner.

I wanted to check if everything would work smoothly during tuning outside, so I did a little functionality test indoors. Setting GCS_PID_MASK to 2 (throttle) I noticed, however, that the vehicle no longer answers to throttle input. Steering works perfectly fine, but trying to start the motor in MANUAL mode with the vehicle armed gives me no response.

I noticed too that it was not possible to switch from MANUAL mode to ACRO mode, giving me the error message “flight mode change failed”.

I will do a basic motor test again tomorrow, to see if the controller and vehicle communicate with each other properly (as they did initially). I did update MissionPlanner (BETA updates), so if there is any known issue with the BETA updates please let me know so I can try resetting MissionPlanner.

Thank you already in advance for your help, time and expertise.

Greetings, Julia

Going entirely manual (arming and controlling the vehicle with the Graupner), there are absolutely no problems.

I noticed that in the GCS when I moved the throttle stick, a change in PWM was being registered. It was just that the output went Graupner -> GCS || Vehicle. The GCS registered the input changes, but didn’t pass them on to the vehicle as an output.

This could point in the direction of the BETA updates being the cause.

The issue was resolved by de-installing and re-installing MissionPlanner. This confirms my suspicion that the BETA Updates might have caused the odd behaviour.

I will edit my original post later to make it clear that the issue has been solved if the forum lets me (I’m getting error messages that I’m not allowed to edit this thread).

Okay, apparently I have no permission to edit or delete this topic … things will stay like this then. :woman_shrugging: