Problems with Dronekit and MAVproxy


I am trying to run dronekit code on dronekit-sitl but am running into quite a few problems.

I am running dronekit-sitl on Python 3 in Windows 10 (I know python 3 is not officially supported) and running MAVproxy to connect to SITL and open a few ports for Mission Planner and for running a python script. Unfortunately I am unable to change the flight mode, either through the terminal running mavproxy using “mode LAND” and through dronekit. It gives a message on the MAVproxy Console program Got COMMAND_ACK: DO_SET_MODE: UNSUPPORTED.

It has been a while since I have worked on dronekit and mavproxy and to me it has changed a lot. I have worked on dronekit and mavproxy on python3 before and had made a tutorial video of setting everything up Ardupilot Software-in-the-loop (SITL) Tutorial - Python 3. I tried to retrace my steps but MAVproxy is giving me quite a few problems.

Also when every I try to run it just opens the python file in the editor and I have to go in the python scripts folder to run it, which didn’t use to happen.

Any help would be appreciated.



I got it to work but only after I went and specifically installed the old versions using pip and python 3.7.4.

I would love to find out what the problem was and how to make it work with the updated versions of dronekit, mavproxy and pymavlink


I know that I can address this issue with the following PR
This issue is a matter by PYMAVLINK.
The new PYMAVLINK is not available with the old firmware.
You can either downgrade PYMAVLINK as you have done, or change it as in my PR.

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Thank you. I updated my file according your PR and it worked great.

They should really add it to the main code. Would make my life much easier.