PreArm: Gyros inconsistent 4.0.7

Whenever i use my drone it say “PreArm: Gyros inconsistent” sometimes the error wont show either it also doesnt want me to armed with this error. what should i do to fix it.

4.0.7 paramlist.param (18.1 KB)

whenever i restart my drone the message doesnt appear whenever its on ti goes like that the message appear then all the calibration are completed

Let the board heat up for 10 minutes on the ground. Reboot it afterwards. The errors should be gone.

i manage to hit it up till 10 minutes still the same error that im getting again.

4.0.5 parameter…param (18.0 KB) 4.0.5 parameter…param (18.0 KB)

And update to 4.0.7.

i already updated to 4.0.7 sorry for the file name but still getting the “PreArm: Gyros inconsistent” i also calibrated my RC i forgot.