'PreArm: Battery 1 unhelathy" Error

I keep receiving a “PreArm: Battery 1 unhealthy” error when I try to arm. I don’t have a battery attached and just want to make sure I can arm the FC. I’ve tried changing BATT_VOLT_PIN and BATT_CURR_PIN but that didn’t help so I returned them to -1. I’m new to the entire process so if there is anything I can provide let me know. Thanks.

I have figured out that I was setting it to the wrong thing. VOLT had to be 2 and CURR had to be 3.Thanks anyways.

You wont be able to arm if you’ve set the battery voltages correctly and dont have a battery connected.
Do not change any of the values if you used the Initial Parameters section to set them

Just change this and reboot:

Then later set it back
and reboot for changes to take effect, all the previous values should still be there.