Port hog: buzzer

I want my usb serial port back, but I don’t want to ditch the buzzer. Would it be possible to drive the buzzer from a servo port? I know the code doesn’t support this right now but is it even possible with the hardware (pixhawk 2.1 specifically)? I’m maxed on serial ports and have seen some other threads about this of late, so am aware of those other options, just thought this might be interesting too. Also, why isn’t the usb port open to all the same options as the other serial ports?

after doing some google-fu it does look like driving a buzzer from a pwm is possible, but I’m not sure if its something that can be implemented with this hardware still, and then there is obviously the code too.

here is a dude driving one from an arduino with PWM, includes his code:

Forgive the dumb question, how does using the buzzer stop you from using the USB port? It’s different data lines.

Its not the USB I want, but another serial port that’s configurable like the rest. Looking through the pinout for the pixhawk though I’m seeing that this seems unlikely. Even though this is marked as serial0 its unlike the rest of the ports, and that’s what I kind of theorized in the original post.

OlliW’s fork gives a canbus/uart bridge (UAVCAN UART NODE ; adding 3 more Serial Ports to your Flight Controller with TUNNELING), noting can is baud limited to 1mb/s which would be shared. I think @MagicRuB is working on a related PR for mainline repo.

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I’ve seen this discussion, and am looking into it! Thanks!

I like how the “forgive the dumb question” can be read both ways, which I have a feeling is how you intended it, lol. There’s no stupid questions, just stupid people right? I’m okay with looking stupid if it helps me get smarter!

I don’t think MdB was being rude.
If you look at a Cube Carrier, the USB and Buzzer are on the same connector but different pins (the 4 nearest the edge are USB, then buzzer and LED).

oh yeah, no, hence the “lol” in my comment. Its called self-deprecating humor.

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