Poor Althold performance + Cant Complete Autotune

Hey guys,
I’m having some problems with my AltHold performance and I think this is what causes my problems with the autotune process.
my drone oscillates while in alt hold and it takes a while until the autotune starts (Pitch).

i have a down facing TOF passed to the pixracer via mavlink the ground is flat.

did i forget to tune some crucial parameter? can you help me get the althold to work well?

here are the files
BIn - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NYHiWERtG1v1MT5Pf17CcVxbrtYKqq12/view?usp=sharing, Params - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cyneIP0KRblGYfYLkSszn3UYc1rvvHx_/view?usp=sharing


I do not think that performing autotune with the TOF sensor enabled is a good idea.
Can you test disabling it, doing autotune, and re-enabling it afterwords?

I can try, but can you please explain why? :sweat_smile:

Load the Bdshot version of firmware and configure to use it. Then configure the Dynamic Notch Filter with ESC RPM as the reference. Also set these as per the tuning guide based on MOT_THST_HOVER.
And set Autotune aggression back to default (0.1)
And use Dhot600, it’s likely more reliable than any other protocol.