Please help me with parameters for crash BIG industrial Drone

Hello guys. Please help me with the parameters for the industrial drone.
I had a crash, and I don’t know why it was.


You have some really bad oscillations at the end. The motors max in either direction and you spike 150 amps in current, at 12s lipo. That’s a lot.

Have you done the initial parameter setup and set your harmonic notch filter?

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Hello Alex. Yes, I did. Can you help me figure out this I want to continue building drones on this Frame and this motor.

Was this the first flight with this copter?

Could you also explain a bit more how it looked when it crashed. Did it start to swing back and forth?

Was there anything else about the flight behavior that seemed?

In the logs it looks like you did a large pitch input right before the crash, is that correct?

It was 76 flights in this copter.

Before crashing copter began to rotate very quickly around the YAW axis. Yes, I tried to keep it by adding gas and leveling it.

yes. You’re right. I tried to save it

The quick rotation might be the result of a motor or ESC failure. I would recommend testing all motors on the bench without propellers. It’s a bit tricky to see in the log, if there was a motor failure since the rc out is bouncing all over the place during the crash.

What is your weight and what motor are you using?

13 kilograms full weight and I use hobbywing x6 motor

That’s because the CW motors (3&4) were commanded to minimum but it’s not clear from the log why that happened.

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That motor system should be sufficient for your drone. Like Dave says, motor 3 and 4 where commanded to minimum, i didn’t see which motor was commanded to minimum/maximum but Dave is more experienced than me.

I would check all motors with mission planner motor test with no propellers to ensure that all motors are working as they should

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Is it possible the motor mounts or arms twisted in flight? Something caused an extreme Yaw command and by dropping those 2 motors it was then underpowered and going down.

Thank you, guys. I hope you’re right and I will test all motors.
What about the parameters file? Could you help me with that?
Maybe I forgot about some parameters? Could you take a look at the parameter file? I apologize if the questions are stupid :grin: - I want to figure it out so there are no more falls.

Yes, I also thought about it. The motor could twist on the tube, it is possible. but this is not the first flight I calibrated the levels well and fixed the threads on the motor screws. But it is possible.

Because if there was thrust loss from one motor (prop, motor or ESC failure), which is the typical failure, then the output signature is very different than what shows in your log. 2 motors were being commanded to yaw the craft and the other 2 were stabilizing attitude. Which it couldn’t do for long.


When you looked at the log, did you zoom in and looked at the first spike in motor output?

On my laptop, it’s so messy when the outputs start to spike, I coulden’t see what was going on. Can I scale the axis on the graph somehow?

Press and hold the mouse button to draw a rectangle around the area you are interested in the graph. Once you release the mouse button it will enlarge that area.