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Plane 4.1.0 beta

I’m delighted to announce the release of the ArduPilot Plane 4.1.0beta1 release. This is a major release, with a lot of changes across almost all
subsystems. Key changes include:

  • major updates to quadplane control algorithms, including new
    landing approach system, new input shaping system for all levels of
    VTOL control and new filtering options. See New QuadPlane features for 4.1 for a demo video

  • new PID system for fixed wing control, with much more flexible
    filtering and true rate D term support. See New fixed wing PID system and autotune for details

  • new fixed wing autotune system which on most aircraft produces a
    much better tune than the previous autotune.

There have also been a lot of changes at the low level system level as

  • new DShot system, with much better timing and new features.

  • improved support for GPS moving baseline yaw

  • new unified ESC telemetry system for CAN, DShot and serial ESC
    telemetry, allowing for ESC RPM driven notch filters on more ESC

  • EKF3 is now the default estimator, with EKF2 also available on
    systems with 2MByte of flash.

  • external AHRS support, allowing for a serial connected AHRS system
    (VectorNav-300 only at the moment)

  • sensor affinity in EKF3, allowing for more robust handling of
    sensor failure, especially for airspeed sensors

  • rate PID slew limiting to to detect and suppress oscillations

  • temperature calibration for IMUs, including factory calibration

  • much improved notch filtering support, including double-notch and
    realtime FFT based notch filtering

  • lots of lua scripting improvements, with greatly expanded API

  • much faster parameter download and mission upload/down using MAVFTP

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this release. It is our biggest release yet and has benefited from fantastic feedback from our user community and partners.

We hope you enjoy this release! Happy flying!


Is it in the beta folder of the releases page? the date is showing Feb.

its there now, just took a bit longer than usual to build

Awesome have downloaded to play with later in the week

Does the latest firmware support the RTK base station on a moving ship, and the aircraft will automatically take off and land on a dynamic ship?

With 4.1 the ESC telemetry has stopped working. Something change?




SERIALx_PROTOCOL=2 (CGS telemetry)

can you send a log file of it working with 4.0.x and then a 2nd log file with it not working with 4.1.0beta1? The ESC telemetry support has been changed a lot for 4.1 and we thought we covered all the use cases but perhaps we’ve missed one.
Also, what board type are you using?

not in this release, no. We have implemented this for one user and we do plan on including it in a future update, but I decided it was a bit too complex change to include in the first 4.1.0 release (it would have delayed the release too long).
One of the main difficulties with ship landing is having users able to test it. If I gave you test code for this feature would you be able to test it?

is there a more comprehensive list of changes since 4.0 beyond the list above? specifically, I’d like to know if there are changes for auto takeoff and auto landing of conventional planes (not quadplanes).

does takeoff now hold a straight course while climbing if there is a strong crosswind?

Matek F765-Wing

Sorry, the first is 4.0.7 but you can compare it anyway

I’ve sent an access request for the logs

Yes, I am very willing to test this function. I have a multi-rotor and VTOL platform and a vehicle that can be used as a mobile platform, which is very suitable for testing this function.
I can upload test results and update the latest test situation.

Uuupss… :upside_down_face:, it’s ready

I can see two new parameters SERVO_DSHOT_ESC and SERVO_DSHOT_RATE.
Setting 1 and 0 respectively but it still doesn’t work.

Passthrough to BLHeliSuite is OK

My ESCs:
DYS Aria 70A 32bit 3 ~ 6s

thanks for the logs. They show that ESC telemetry is working partly, for example, here is RPM and current for one ESC:

There are some problems though, it only logs telem from one ESC, should be two.
@andyp1per ?

sorry. I forgot to comment that one of the ESCs had died previously, but the other should be working correctly. I am waiting to receive a new ESC

oh, so you only expect one ESC in the log?
if that is the case then it’s actually working. The log msgs have changed, as it’s now ESC[4] instead of ESC1, but same data

but now with 4.1 (whit one ESC) I can’t see the data under HUD
I will check it again this afternoon, I will select esc4_rpm / esc4_curr instead of esc1_rpm / esc1_curr on Display This

ok SOLVED >>> esc1 is now esc5 on 4.1

Yes the ESCs are indexed according to PWM number on the flight controller

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