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New QuadPlane features for 4.1

There are a lot of new features coming in 4.1, but this one really deserves highlighting. I’m delighted with how the new QuadPlane landing system is working out.
The features in this video are not merged into master yet (that will likely happen next week), but if you’d like to be involved in testing now then please join the quadplane_vtol channel on ArduPilot discord at
Happy flying!

Great work @Tridge, when do you think this plane 4.1 will be in stable release? Thank you for all developer team…

This is now merged in ArduPilot master. I’d really appreciate some test results before the beta!

Excellent work as always, Tridge!

If Xplane based SITL testing of a quadplane tilt rotor qualifies as beta testing, I am willing to give it a shot with the new code. Eventually we will get the real thing flying but I like to debug as much as possible in simulated environments.

I’d be interested in seeing a XPlane tilt quadplane mode. Is it available?

yes, it is - I did the coding and should be good to go for up to an arbitrary number of rotors and tilt servos. I tested the code on the V22 and a tri- tilt rotor similar to the X8 Skywalker. Things seem to run OK, but at times it gets glitchy. I am not sure if the problem is inadequate data exchange frequency with Xplane or bad tuning from my part. Anyways, I will send out some videos.

thanks. If you can send me the model I’d be interested in trying it, and adding it to

Hello Tridge,

The design is proprietary of my company. So I will not be able to share it for public use. i will see if I can adapt the X8 Skywalker and send it to you.


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