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PIxhawk wont Disarm after Landing

(Banjing) #1

Hi Experts good day to al! So I did test my drone today via AltHold and unfortunately i am unable to disarmed the quad after Landing. I can armed the quad then disarmed work if i didnt take off yet, but once i take off and land it wont disarmed anymore. Before it disarms then now it suddenly wont disarmed.

Here’s the log:

(Hosein Gh) #2

hi @banjing
your copter was unable to disarm because your FC cant make sure its landed

i face this problem sometimes when air humidity is too much
every time when you faced this problem simply switch to stabilize and then try to disarm motors

also check this post

  • Parameter PILOT_THR_BHV should be 4 or 6. If you have this set for anything else, it won’t disarm on landing detection, and will instead wait for the disarm timer.
  • Parameter GND_EFFECT_COMP should be enabled.
(Banjing) #3

Hi @hosein_gh, Yes i set PILOT_THR_BHV to 4 for Detection Landing Disarmed, but the problem is. It work onced and didnt happen again, on landing it didn’t disarmed. :frowning:

I also tried flying in Loiter mode even though the HDOP is more than 1 just to try, but this is what happens upon landing:

Log is:

(Hosein Gh) #4

What about GND_EFFECT_COMP is it enabled ?
And try a softer landing or use Land mode for landing

(Banjing) #5

Yes it is Enabled Sir. The problem is in my Radio Transmitter I have only set to:
Loiter, AltHold and RTL only. Because I can only set 3 flight modes in my radio transmitter :frowning:

Before I can disarmed using AltHold, but not I cannot. I dont know what gone wrong.

I always use Emergency landing on laptop or phone through QGrounControl, a bit hassle. huhu

(Hosein Gh) #6

Try another place then send log file

(Hosein Gh) #7

Also in this link described how to configure 6 flight modes with flysky radio controls

(curt carroll) #8

Take a look at what type of accuracy you can expect in the open (80% horizon view). The top is my gps the bottom is your last flight. Your flying site may not produce a valid test in any mode simply because most 5v electronics are not designed to work in very high RF environments.

(Hosein Gh) #9

Note that problem presents in both loiter and althold mode
Althold is not using gps data

(curt carroll) #10

Q. will the EFK settle when the gps data is moving around?
I ask because i always get a 3D fix before EFK shows green.
Would these test be easier to review if all flight systems were a go before flight?
The antenna above this flying site has ten of thousands of watts running through it.
Do you think it could be an issue?

(Hosein Gh) #11

Yes it cloud be an issue
But for auto modes
For example you can set ekf fail safe to althold mode (by default is land)

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(Banjing) #12

Yes, even it AltHold mode it wont arm. Not arming in AltHold and GPS problem in Loiter Drifting upon landing.

(Banjing) #13

Im gonna check this, this is 6 channel? Can be set all 6 modes on channel 6 transmitter?

(Hosein Gh) #14

Its possible but you have to read user manual of your radio control

(curt carroll) #15

Microwave antennas, KW transmitters. This thing could cook dinner on a stick.

(Banjing) #16

What do you mean? Is it related for not Disarming?

(Hosein Gh) #17

yes possible affect disarming