PIxhawk V6X Octacopter

Good day All,

Hardware that is being used:
Pixhawk V6X flight controller
ESCs I use 2 x F55_128K Mamba 4in1

Im trying to create X8 (octacopter) and Im having difficulties with connecting motors to it. My ESCs (mentioned above) are supporting DSHOT300, 600 and 1200. Im not sure how to set this up in QGroundControl as there are no 8 spots for dshoot in it.

So I have couple of questions:

  1. Do I use PWM AUX or PWM MAIN for motors?
  2. How to set Actuator Outputs in my case where I want to set it up for X8 config?

Thank you upfront for you time and answers

Use DSHOT600
Use PWM Main
Use mission planner to configure it and the method described here:

Take a particular attention to the 07_esc.param file

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