Pixhawk PX4 wiring a GPS lock led

Thanks to all in advance for help. Is there a process to wire a 2 wire led on a Pixhawk px4 board (Arducopter 3.6.9 firmware) that would tell me I have GPS lock?

Firstly update your firmware.

Yes is it possible with new feature led control using lua script and also I think led module is available in market it’s may-be tell you (i have-not try anytime)

Controlling WS2813 LEDs using Lua scripting
This is example of how it’s going

Also recently received this notification

ProfiLEDs and Lua scripting

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Not sure what GPS you are using, but most new GPS have a LED already built in that shows GPS locak. Also Pixhawk light goes green when you have a GPS lock. You can use one of these to extend PixHawk LED status lights anywhere.