ProfiLEDs and Lua scripting

This is a demo of what can be done with ArduPilots scripting functionality and the recently added ProfiLED support. Scripting allows scripts to run in the background and take inputs from the main flight code and take actions. In this example shows reading in of roll, pitch, yaw, battery voltage, GPS speed and RC inputs from the transmitter. This demo also demonstrates how powerful scripting can be with one of the new H7 autopilot control boards, in this case the CubeOrange is running 125 rgb LEDs at 100hz.

Although this demo is possibly not the most practical of features it shows that more useful things such as custom navigation lights are now totally possible using ProfiLEDs and scripting.

Learn more about ProfiLED’s on the wiki here, support coming the the next Copter Beta:

and more about Lua Scripting here:


I just love this example of scripting and fancy LEDs. The idea itself is just incredible.

Which chip is used in the ProfiLED strip? Datasheet?