PixHawk 2.1 cube, MINI carrier board questions

Hi all,
I’m new to building and I have a question

Just recieved my PixHawk 2.1 cube mini carrier board today, I haven’t put this build together yet but I am looking at the connections and I don’t see any connection for my Spektrum RC receiver on the mini carrier board. the standard “full size” board has an RC IN port, but this mini carrier has nothing like that at all.
where does the RC receiver plug into?

also, I do not currently have a telemetry radio for this build, I need to order one. What should i buy? and also, can I fly without it if I’m flying with my DX9 in a GPS assisted mode such as Loiter mode?
I just want to be able to fly and see how long my battery lasts currently.


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@proficnc any insight would be great


you plug receivers into the ppm pins at the opposite end to were you plug your esc’s in check the voltage.Regarding telemetry it aint required but is a nice thing to have

Hope this helps any questions just ask

I am going to be asked to install one of these mini carriers soon and your post prompted me to go digging for the documentation in preparation.
I could not find any docs on these boards???
Does anyone know of ANY documents?
Or is the screen printing on the board all we get?

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As per all ProfiCNC boards… the Facebook forum is where I am, and the best place to ask any questions etc.
This board is a developer pre-release board… unfortunately that little tip got missed at release, and so it’s out in the wild a bit early…

The wiki is a community effort, it always has been, and always will be. That’s why things are so cheap! If we had to have technical writers and wiki maintainers on staff to do that, then prices would be higher, and we couldn’t do prerelease batches like this.

So… I will answer any questions you guys have… but in return, I expect that you guys will update the wiki at ardupilot.org… its publicably editable.

Yes, it has Spektrum RC in…

If you look on the cube side of the board, you will see two jumpers…

You need to cut the connected trace, and solder the other two. This sets the voltage to 3.3v on the RC, and sets communication mode to spectrum

Looking forward to seeing the wiki entry!


Thanks @proficnc as always.
I have to admit I am not a Facebookien and avoid it where I can, especially for technical or important stuff.

Once I have a board in hand I will add to the Wiki what I can.
Always happy to put back in what I can.


thank you for that love my mini carrier board

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Thank you very much for your response, I’m also on the Facebook page but hadn’t gotten the answer I was looking for.

Another question- does the Mini have the Pixhawk Aux Outputs (pin 50-55)?

Hoping that these are the pins labeled 1-2-3-4-5-6 next to the power?

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No one?

Is there even a pinout diagram anywhere for this board?

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I talked to ProfiCNC on Facebook, the pins on the mini carrier board are the same as the larger or standard sized board. The bottom pins are signal, Middle is 5v, and top pins are ground.
if you can find a pinout of the standard carrier board, you should be able to reference the numbers from it. I’m not near my drone right now but when I get back I’ll take a pic for you.

Picture of mini carrier board (with cube attached) and full size for reference!

Nice to see there is a small carrierboard for the Cube! Awesome work!

Looking at your picture, i think i found aux 1-6:


Well, it is just a matter of trying at this point, as there appears to be no documentation.

Will post here if/when I get around to actually plugging this thing in!


Hi yarrr
Yes, those 6 pins are I/O 1-6 as labeled.

This board is the Beta prerelease. There is no documentation yet, but feel free to add all of this information to the ardupilot wiki if you would like


Can you please provide some form of schematic for the Mini carrier board? I’m sure that you guys had to provide a schematic to have them produced in China.

Ed the Frustrated

Any reason you need this? The connectors are as per the standard set by the full carrier board.

Pinout is the same.

What else are you needing?

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Are 1-8 still controlled by an IO MCU, or are they now DSHOT capable? Last time the cube with the standard carrier board had a whole PDF on it.

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1-8 are always via IO, 9-14 are FMU

All are supplied on the mini.

As mentioned many times, the first batch were pre-release mini carrier board.

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The pinout is not the same as the standard board actually, the top and bottom rails on the mini are flipped from the standard carrier board. I’m not at my drone currently but if I remember correctly, the top rail on the standard board is ground, middle is 5v, and bottom rail is signal.
On the mini board the top rail is signal, middle is 5v, bottom rail is ground (this is just from my memory so I could have it mixed up truthfully) but the top and bottom rails are definitely flipped on the boards.