Pivot turning speed

Hi there!
Progressing fast with our rover, but we are having issues when trying to configure pivot turning. We cannot find any parameter to control the pivot turning speed, and that results in a too slow turn, that therefore results in no turning at all when the rover is with its payload.
Is that “pivot turning speed” parameter hidden somewhere? The PIFF parameters are for non pivot control only, isn’t it?
We just want to be able to control the servo output values when pivoting.

Not sure what version of the software your using but if its the released stable version but there is a turn angle parameter which basically says when the turn is tighter then this angle use pivot turning. So make sure you have that set to a default of at least 30.


Thanks, Grant.

Thanks grant!
That parameter is already configured, and this topic has “been moved” to Pivoting speed parameter & arming via transmitter

Hope you can help me!
Thanks again

Try the latest beta release coming out now. It has new skid steering settings.


Thanks, Grant.