OpenCV with Micro APM

Hi so basically I want to build a micro Quadcopter and transmit the Video feed to my computer.

My question is: Is it possible to transmit the Video Feed that OpenCV on my computer can command the quadcopter wirelessly.

So that I dont have to put a raspberry on my quadcopter (It actually couldnt lift it).

Or if I understand it wrong I’m sorry.

Yes it is possible , you can check on these experiments:

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He mounted the Raspberry Pi 0 on the quadcopter what I wanted to avoid.

The RPI zero is used to send video over wifi to the remote OpenCV, please read throughfully

Yeah but the RPi 0 is mounted on the quadcopter.
Is it possible to use the MavLink connection to send the Video Feed to an RPi with OpenCV installed and the RPi to send commands back to the Micro APM via Mavlink?

Nope Mavlink is telemetry

yeah but I can control the Quad over Mavlink with MissionPlanner…so it should be possible to send commands to the Quadcopter

Yes but not video , it has to be wifi or analog
I gave you 2 wifi methofs on the links

Hmm then I didn’t properly understand the OSD with the Telemetry

OSD isn’t live video, it’s a video overlay of data.

OSD is a microcontroler (AVR , STM or other) that reads MavLink Messages and output to a character generator that is mixing (overlay video) an analog signal from an onboard camera and transmit the resulting over RF using analog transmitter generally on 5,8 Ghz

Here is the current status.

Here I am doing a 4m square with skyviper