Oneshot - what does the ESC/channel output value mean?

I use Oneshot125 on my copter. When I compare the output values for the different motors they are around 210 and differ by 9 at max. Unfortunately I do not understand what these values mean since I only used PWM with values from 1000 - 2000 before.

Can someone help me?

Divide the typical PWM 1000-2000us by 8.

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Great, thank you very much @dkemxr!

Note that there is a bad bug with oneshot125 in 3.6 that consumes all the CPU. Fixed in 4.0

Wow, can you direct me to the description of this bug?

I saw something odd with this. I have a craft configured for Oneshot125. (Older esc’s) which did report output in the 125-250 range on 3.6 (I think). With 4.0, and still configured for Oneshot125, its now in the standard 1000-2000 range. I wonder what the fix actually does.

So it is not safe to use oneshot125? Is there any hint on that?

I’m trying to find it in the github issue list but could not find a specific issue yet.

It’s on the 3.6 list, but not sure when Randy will get to it

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I cannot comment for Oneshot125 with 3.6.x or above, as it is not working with my Emlid Navio2 card.

I am happy user of Oneshot125 with arducopter 3.5.7 and my KV 370 T-Motors and I expect to have it working if Emlid sort the issue on their side (regardless of other know issues) with recent firmware.

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Ok, that means the fix was introduced for 4.0 and is now backported to 3.6, right?

I did not have problems with Oneshot125 and KV 700 T-Motors @ 3S. Now I feel uncomfortable and don’t know what to do.