October 2017 Release of APSync

I have just changed the links on the firmware server to point to the latest release version of APSync.

The most-noticable change, unfortunately, is the change in WiFi password. The new (default!) password is simply ardupilot

The second most-noticable change of this release is the incorporation of APWeb, an embedded web server framework. This server listens on tcp port 80, so tapping “” into your web browser once connected to the ArduPilot Access Point.

Release 201709
 - Runs on Pi0W, however the shortage of memory makes it a poor development platform
 - APWeb (https://github.com/ardupilot/APWeb/) runs on port 80
 - RPI image created from 2017-07-05-raspbian-jessie-lite.zip
 - still no BeagleBoneBlue release due to performance questions 
 - WiFi password is now ardupilot
 - Edison
  - added modules for USB ethernet dongles
  - patched kernel against usb-otg bug, however this seems ineffective

Instructions should you wish to create these images are present in the Companion repository, https://github.com/ardupilot/Companion