APSync including OpenKai released!

Peter Barker and I have recently completed testing of APSync for the NVidia TX1 and we’ve also updated the wiki to clarify how you can set it up yourself. Equivalent versions for the RPI3 and Intel Edison were released a couple of months ago (release notice).

The biggest improvements for this version of APSync over previous versions are:

  • OpenKai included by default which makes using the ZED camera quite easy for indoor navigation (for Copter and Rover) and forward distance monitoring (Copter only for now).
  • APWeb which is a small web server that allows easily setting parameters and calibrating sensors. This product was original developed by Tridge for the SkyViper GPS drone (thanks SkyRocket for sharing!).

APSync also includes the previously available features including the Wifi telemetry and video (a wifi access point called “ardupilot” with password “ardupilot” appears).

By the way, in case you’re not familiar with APSync, it’s purpose is to make integrating ArduPilot with companion computers a lot easier by providing ready-to-go images that help developers and pro-users to get started quickly. There are other options as well listed on our Companion Computer wiki page including Maverick.


This is a great bit of work. I currently have a rover and a hex rotor under development with TX1/apsync/openkai. The firmware flash was much smoother than previous releases and it looks like both systems will be functional. I just have a couple of questions before I dig in deeper.
Was the rover test a video link with manual control? ( no vision guidance )
Will apsync/openkai support a video feed for FPV and Zed for guidance simultaneously over USB?

Thanks, Randy B

Hi Randy,

In the video, I was driving it around manually although it had a GPS so it could do autonomous driving as well. I don’t have a ZED camera on it though.

Peter and I have chatted with Kai (of OpenKai) and he says he will enable the ZED video stream even if OpenKai is also using that video stream for the depth map and/or visual odometry. This ability to use the ZED for both live streaming video and visual odometry isn’t included in this latest version of APsync though.

Thanks for giving it a go!


Is this version the one on firmware.ardupilot.org/Companion/apsync/ from December 23, 2017?


I see this post of release jun/18.
image apsync-openkai-tx1 was updated apr/17.
is there any newer release image ?


It looks to me like the latest TX1 image is from Dec 2017 but maybe that image did not include OpenKai (we tried but had difficulties getting a stable version of OpenKai). I think the latest version to include OpenKai was, as you say, April 2017.

The directory with all beta images is here but you’ve probably already found this.

thanku for replay,

I will be grateful if you could help advise me stable OpenKai image.

i wasn’t able to connect pixhawk with UDP until I have written in ssh to TX1:"mavproxy.py --master /dev/ttyTHS1 --baud 921600 --out udpin:localhost:9000 --out udpbcast: "