Octaquad - loiter oscillation, alt hold problems and reboot spins the motor

Clearly not. The tune is poor with Pitch/Roll oscillation. Perhaps due to the Pitch/Roll I term being higher than P. Among other non-addressed parameters.

So you know what you don’t want to see:

And you don’t want to Auto Tune from this state.

Yes, if you want a proper working drone. But you can do it with the entire frame as well, just remove the batteries.

And if that is not possible, you can skip it. But you are not allowed to complain here that you get accels, gyros and/or compasses inconsistent errors.

Yes, good idea on those Flight Controllers (Matek H743’s). I would say mandatory on the Mini version, those get hot.

I will take another to the freezer matek 743 I have take the result to the matek of the quad same 743 versions thats good?

No, each different Matek 743 will produce different results. You must not use the results of one board on another board. That will actually get worse results than not calibrating.

It seams to me that you did not read the section 2.1 of the Blog post :frowning:


My mistake , let me go all read it and do what ever it takes to the main matek I have on the drone to get the best result :muscle:

after re-read the blog and getting a better tune and if you still face the Loiter oscillation or twitch, you may like to check this post and this post. It solved in my case.

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i have one thing that i dont feel sure about is the ins pos its also mention in the file “12_general_configuration”
this is the setup of the ins to the cg realtive to that picture:

the parameters should be :
INS_POS1&2_X: 0.08
INS_POS1&2_Y: -0.50 so its left from the cg origin thats corccet? “Positive Y is to the right of the origin”

I feel like you are missing two zeros here, 0.08 means 80 mm forward and -0.50 means 500 mm to the left.
INS_POS1&2_X = 0.008
INS_POS1&2_Y = -0.050
is probably what you want/meant.

Apart from that, according to the documentation a noticeable performance improvement is unlikely with offsets <15 cm. You can probably put the calculation power to better use somewhere else.

the offset is 50mm to the left and 8mm forward , its a small frame ,
i just wanted to know that offset is correct realtive to the cg and so it means - from the cg and not from the ins to the cg

I edited my post above to be in mm instead of cm.

Yes, offsets are measured from CG.

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you can also use this web tool to double confirm it.
reboot, after collecting for a few minutes
upload the log file to check, you can rotate the graphics to further check it.

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I experienced the same thing when setting up my 13 inch 12s drone. Running dshot600 with shielded wire, and matekh743 slimv3 fc. Problem gone away when changing to dshot300 but I’m curious about the cause. Could anyone explain this to me?

when im tring to use the log filter to test the filters i get error from the site “No tracking data available for Throttle notch”
how can fix it i? -ns_log_bat_opt 4

If you are using BDshot, you must have ESC telemetry based notch filter, like explained in the Blog post.

That error comes when you did not followed the instructions and have set it to throttle based notch

Read it again and follow the instructions.

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I have read it of course but my blheli esc doesn’t have telemetry :confused: it’s speedby 55a 4 in 1 v4

It will if you flash Bluejay firmware which is the 1st thing that should be done by anyone that made the mistake of buying a BLHeli_S ESC instead of a BLHeli_32 ESC.


Ty Dave I will search about it , its possible to get from the telemetry the current from each esc?

You can find information on Bluejay here and this is the flashing tool.

From 4in1 ESCs you usually only get the total current for all 4 ESCs and chances are high the SpeedyBee handles it the same way.

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Not with that 4- in-1 or very few of them. Generally the Current data is not in the telemetry data stream but there are exceptions. Total current only on the analog pin as Jan says.

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