Notice - A $2?9 Mini Android Controller from SIYI - 10 KM Range @ 1080P 180 ms, 8-core CPU

I have a Topotek camera. It works with one set of Siyi mk15. When connected to another set, the camera does not work. I’m trying to figure out the reason for the rejection. Either the Siyi kit settings are incorrect, or the camera is tied to a specific air unit ID. Therefore, I want to create a backup file for the kit before making changes to the hardware settings.

What app do you use to display video for the gimbal camera?
The first thing is to check if you’ve input the same IP addresses for the camera in another set of MK15.

I use Siyi FPV and Qgroundcontrol. The video is working. The camera gimbal control, zoom, and switching to the thermal imager do not work.

The gimbal and camera functions are controlled via SBUS. Video transfer over HDMI to Siyi HDMI Converter.

I’m not familiar with how to configure Topotek gimbal cameras. I assume that it should be two steps of jobs which is similar with using an SIYI gimbal camera.

  • Wiring
  • Channel configuration

Welcome to refer to the below video for detail.