Nooploop Linktrack setting on CUAV V5 (copter 4.0dev)

As what I said above. I saw some hopes.

As you can see, The time_boot_ms / relative_alt / vx / vy / vz and hdg para are fluctuating. But i still can not see the lat lon and alt show as I set before.(I set them as 10 10 10)

I want to know what should I do next.

Another small question:
Now that the linktrack module support NEMA protocol, I want to know how can I do to replace GPS(I think it is more convinient than above way).
Amovlab(you must be know about them) had succeed to do that as i said above in Mini V4, but i can do like that in my CUAV V5 NANO.

Here is the px4 gps protocol, but it do not have the nema protocol.

Thank you very very much !

Here is the px4 gps protocol, but it do not have the nema protocol.
PX4-Autopilot/src/drivers/gps/params.c at main · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub

I think you may confuse Ardupilot with PX4. Ardupilot does support NEMA

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I am sorry about that I did not express my idea clearly. Because I use PX4 at the first time, I still want to use UWB on it yesterday. And now let’s give up PX4, talk about Ardupilot only.
In my CUAV v5 nano and pixhawk 2 board, I tried 2 methods to get my location, but failed. EVery Firmware version is copter 4.0.5.

  1. Replace GPS with UWB in the same place, the UWB was set to NEMA protocol@921600. As follows, the gps work fine, but UWB is not detected.

  2. Setting as we talked above, I still can not get the gps information. Here is my para setting doc. copter4_1_0_ydm_para.txt (27.2 KB) . I naively thought that the GLOBAL_POSITION_INT can reflect the gps information. But actually the GPS_RAW_INT para showed nothing. I am very sad.

As my opinion, the first method is a better way, but I am not sure about what happend to that.
How can I do next?
Thank you agian!

Hello, how is it now? I follow the official tutorial to configure my flight controller(CUAV V5), but my flight controller cannot get LINKTRACK data,I am very depressed…

Has someone found a solution?