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Nimbus Tricopter VTOL

(Graham D) #263

Mine is 4.4kg with a Rededge camera and 2200mAh + 10500mAh batteries.

(Greg Covey) #264

Thanks, Graham!

Hi Musa,

I would use Atico’s params above. These are the parameters that you need to tune for your setup. I found it easiest to have a laptop nearby with Mission Planner telemetry connected on the Full Parameter List screen. You can then land the VTOL, while keeping it armed, and then just tweak (small change) one parameter and then go test hover. Repeat the process for both parameters and try going in both directions.

My parameters are below but yours may be different. I would start with Atico’s values…which may have come from Graham. I wish I could fly my Nimbus but it was -2 F yesterday and 0 F today. No fun in New York!


(Musa Wilmar) #265

Thank you @GregCovey & @Aticof … i will test it…

(anibal manuel marques soutinho) #266

Hi GregCovey.

My first test in Qstablize.

Thank you.

(Greg Covey) #267

Very nice, you’re off to a great start! Where is your nose? :slight_smile:

(anibal manuel marques soutinho) #268

I did not put it on.

You tried RTL and work well, alone?

(Musa Wilmar) #269

@GregCovey i have try some tuning on Q_A_RAT_YAW like this
Q_A_RAT_YAW_D,0.02 (max is 0,02 not 0,07)
Q_A_RAT_YAW_I,0.01 --> if i set high is more wiggling
Q_A_RAT_YAW_P,0.3 --> this is enough respond i think

and the result like this…
if i reduce “P”, i have difficulty to control the YAW
i cant add more “D” because 0,02 is max “D”
and reducing “I” is not have significant effect i think…

any other suggestion??

(Musa Wilmar) #270

Hey… it actually working…
Q_A_RAT_YAW_D can be set to 0,07 above max
thank you @GregCovey

(Greg Covey) #271


I have not flown mine yet as it is winter here in North East USA. Look at Graham’s video above (about 14 days ago) where he did an autonomous flight with transitions and RTL.


Great! It looks like we both needed a higher Q_A_RAT_YAW_D setting. Also, now you know that you can change settings beyond the recommended limits.


(Atico) #272

What method would you have followed to calibrate ESCs?

With Q_ESC_CAL = 1 or the traditional mode?

(Greg Covey) #273

I use Q_ESC_CAL=1 as follows:

For Step 2: “power up just the flight board and not your motors.”
Plug into the Pixhawk via USB cable to power up and connect via Mission Planner…then set the Q_ESC_CAL=1 via Mission Planner.

Follow remaining steps using the battery to power up ESCs with armed throttle high.

Sometimes you cannot hear all the ESCs making their initial “throttle high” noise so only wait a few seconds before setting the throttle stick low. You will immediately see if all motors start up at once or if the process needs to be repeated.

(Musa Wilmar) #274

@GregCovey if i program the flight mission via mission planner from take off until landing vertically, any parameters that i have to pay attention?

Q_WP_SPEED = 500 -> is this enough for nimbus to have lift power?

PS: this my last flying test…

(Greg Covey) #275

Hi Musa,

Nice video! Well done. I liked seeing the motor transitions too.

I believe that Q_WP_SPEED = 500 is the current setting being used but this is a good question for @Graham_Dyer since he has experience with missions.

(Graham D) #276

Musa, I posted my list of changes here: Nimbus Tricopter VTOL (*use at your own risk)

Most were not changed much though, however one that I did change was Q_TRAN_PIT_MAX,10 from the default of 3. Everything else was left default.

Follow and understand what the wiki says too about missions and RTL.

Remember the plane should only be in tricopter mode for a relatively short time. Good luck

(anibal manuel marques soutinho) #277


My 2º Test QHOVER.


(Greg Covey) #278


Very nice stable hover! You guys are making me envious of your warmer snow-free flying areas. Today, I froze in my backyard testing an Ardu-hexacopter. It was 25F (-4C) outside. :cold_face:


(Musa Wilmar) #279

@Graham_Dyer thanks you… i will test it after i test my RTH…

(Atico) #280

Finally I have been able to test my Nimbus in QLOITER. This week I also hope to perform another transitions test.

(Kikislater) #281

Bad link, good one is that :

(Greg Covey) #282

Congratulations, very nice! I envy your flying location, blue sky, and green grass.