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Nimbus Tricopter VTOL

(Atico) #283

It is the Delika Valley, in the Basque Country. You will be welcome.

This video is from the on-board camera.

(Atico) #284

The transitions tests have been OK

(Musa Wilmar) #285

dear all, does anybody know what happen with my qstab landing in this video… suddenly like lost power after transition back from stab to qstab…

(Greg Covey) #286

Hi Atico,

A nice smooth transition…well done! We go to Italy next month and maybe some year to Spain. The Basque Country is on my “bucket list”.

Hi Musa,

Can you post the log from your flight. It will be interesting to see the level of your motor throttle settings. Also, can you post the power train setup? (Lipo pack, motor, prop)

(Musa Wilmar) #287

sure @GregCovey , i will collect it… and post it here… just wait…

(Musa Wilmar) #288

and one again, i have test Qloiter and QRTL… and for Qloiter is working fine, but QRTL just drop death… , @Aticof do u switch the flight mode to RTL or QRTL? any particular setting for this…

(Atico) #289

I use one RTL flight mode and Q_RTL_MODE = 1

(Greg Covey) #290


I would not recommend switching to QRTL unless you are farther away, higher up, coming towards you, and flying into the wind. These autonomous flight modes do not work in all situations so you need to be set up properly before activating them. The Weathervaning feature can also cause unwanted turns so this feature needs to be used with the same care and setup as an autonomous flight mode.

Before I program an autonomous flight, I will fly the path manually first and then test one autonomous action at a time. Use Graham’s video posted above to see his autonomous flight from takeoff to landing. He was about 67 meters from home before activating RTL (QRTL).

Good luck!

(Musa Wilmar) #291

@GregCovey my first attempt is more than 50m from takeoff but still stall… what do u think the best step by step autonomous test scenario for me at first…?

  1. loiter (done)
  2. RTL (not QRTL) from > 50m?
  3. …?
    any suggestion…

(Greg Covey) #292


It has been years since I last did a fully autonomous flight so perhaps I can defer the answer to Atico or Graham. Back then, the QRTL did not work well so we used VTOL_LAND instead. The APM Wiki still seems to show that example in the QuadPlane AUTO Missions section so be sure to read this area.

I think that your test #2 is a good one. The assumption here is that you have successfully flown a complete flight using manual mode changes for transitions. I can’t remember what you have tested besides QLOITER. Also, height is your friend when testing new modes or new VTOLs.

(Graham D) #293

Yes, please post the log. What’s your voltage at the end of the flight? You may not have enough power to stop the descent. What’s the weight of your plane?

(Musa Wilmar) #294

unlucky me, it seems pixhawk not able to create log after flashing new firmware…
but here is my spec:
motor :3x 3520 720kv using 1145 prop
battery : 2x 6s 60c 5000mah parallel
FC : Pixhawk 2.4.8

this is my param at the time my nimbus crash
mwa vtol last success maiden from 030219 B.param (16.7 KB)

(Matthew ) #295

Here is a bundle of 3D printable parts for the nimbus conversion found on thingiverse.

3D Printed Nimbus Parts

(Greg Covey) #296


You will still need to get your logs working. Once working, just do a simple hover for 10 seconds in either QSTABILIZE or QLOITER modes and then be sure to disarm when done. Make sure that you have a properly formated flash card in the Pixhawk 2.4.8 and it is a good quality like SanDisk Ultra Plus. You can remove the card and read the log directly from the PC without having to wait for Mission Planner to load it.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the link!

(cala2) #297

Greg: whats the issue with qrtl? I was success with it but only one vtol experience.

(Greg Covey) #298

Hi cala,

When the VTOL got down to the lower level of it’s final approach, Q_LAND_FINAL_ALT, usually set to 6 meters, it would drift off course and land downwind. This was in v3.8.x so I assume that has been fixed.

(cala2) #299

Thanks. The issue that I had was that sometimes didnt recognize when landed and I had to switch to manual but I think It was fixed in latest fw.

(Greg Covey) #300

I was so sick of winter today that I went out and flew my plane with floats off the snow. It was incredible fun and the low wind made it even more enjoyable. One more month and I can dust off my VTOLs. :slight_smile:

(cala2) #301

You are sending the winter here :frowning: . lol

(Musa Wilmar) #302

i have read the log directly from sdcard, but i only found my old log… none of new log was found…
BTW from my last succeed maiden flight i have some changes,

  1. change my radio from sbus to CRSF protocol
  2. change my ESC from Xrotor 40a to ZTW spider 60A OPTO
  3. some minor change in WP param
    personally i have suspicious my 60A ESC is the problem… what do u think guys…?