New User & New project - Deciding on Firmware/Vehicle type to suit mission

Hello Everyone,

I’ll try to keep this short-ish; I’m a new user, and hopefully not the first to be a little overwhelmed by the scale of choice available. There’s an awful lot to read and I’m getting through it, but at this point I need a little nudge in the right direction, please…

The project is for a water based craft that will fly using a live hydrofoil wing requiring stability input for pitch and roll of the foil and height of the hull above water. The craft will also need to loiter/hold position in moving water before execution to follow a path.

I ‘think’ the most applicable firmware/vehicle type to start with will be a quadplane, substituting vertical rotors for thrusters to loiter/hold position and then transition to forward ‘flight’ using hydrofoil elevons and propeller.

I’m banking on the ability to customise the function of each input/output, but as there doesn’t seem to be a vehicle type already listed I need to to start with something.

Your thoughts and opinions are much appreciated, as is the wealth of information in the forum!

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My guess is that you’ll need to use Rover, which is what we generally use for boats. It will need some changes though.
You should chat to @iampete, he is the one who works most closely in this area

Hi @Berto

I have a hydrofoiling project of my own,

So far I have done (but not yet tested) the code for active roll and pitch control on rover.

Not put very much thought into altitude stabilisation, was planning to see how far I can get with just roll and pitch, my boat should handle altitude by itself. Not really sure what you mean for loitering? Rover will loiter in a water flow fine but do you mean some system that actively keeps it out of the water?

What is the application? We could do a plane type loiter where it keeps moving.

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