New LiDAR sensor Benewake TF02-Pro TFmini-S TF-Luna for drones UAV

Yes its better to keep the wires shorter as shorter as possible. Plus, twist the IIC wires. You could also try wrapping GPS in anti EMI sheet and see which one gives you greater number of satellites.

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As mentioned by @ibrahimqazi,
Shorten the wires and twist them. The Luna TF wires too.

General advice: Avoid a rats nest of wires. They work very well as antennae for RF noise.

One more: Check the supply voltage of the Luna. These devices are a pulsating load on the supply line. Not every DC-DC converter (voltage regulator) can handle this.


@ibrahimqazi thanks!

I shielded and shortened the cable. I enclosed all the TF luna in aluminum that I connected to gnd (tested with a multimeter). I moved the GPS even further away. unfortunately the GPS fix is ​​very slow and I still have GPS glitches. do you have any proposal to block EMI, possibly from AliExpress? i don’t understand why make a lidar so small, that it should go on small copters (mine is 4") and not design them already adequately shielded.

Without this problem, works well

A few years ago I made a “poor’s man ground plane” for the GPS using a single sided PC Board, it really helped

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@ibrahimqazi @ppoirier

i will also try the pcb as a screen. Thanks.

today, with all the shielding, the GPS caught 14 sats out of 20 sats in view (after 5 minutes in flight). the TF luna still works.

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TF-Luna is the cheapest LiDAR in Benewake product list. It has no shielding.
You could also consider buying TFmini-S, the PCB has been modified which does not need that intensive shielding. A little expensive than Luna but less headache of EMI.
NOTE: Remember to buy hardware version 1.8.1 written on back side. Some resellers still have PCB 1.8 version which will cause problem similar to Luna.

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Hi guys!
Is it possible to use lidar in Loiter/Poshold to reduce speed down at low altitude to prevent copter damage in manual landing?
In autoland (RTL/ Land) lidar works well
But in Loiter I can use it as avoidance only.