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New LiDAR sensor Benewake TF02-Pro TFmini-S TF-Luna for drones UAV

Hello ~

I think many many drones/UAV players have known and played with Benewake TFmini, TFmini Plus and TF02 LiDAR for obstacles avoidance/anti-collision/altimeter/terrain following/distance keeping applications,etc.

Now Benewake have upgraded TFmini and TF02 to new model with better technical parameters, more stable performance and lower cost. Please check below comparasion if you inerested : )

And easy buy link below
Benewake full LiDAR on IR-LOCK ( North America):

Benewake full LiDAR on MyBotShop (EU):

Benewake full LiDAR on (India):

Any technical questions are welcome to be published here. Thanks.


Thank @Siya for the update.
Question about the TF-Luna : Is it register compatible with the TFMini-S ?
Can we use the existing I2C driver that was developed for the TFMini-S (Type 25) ?

I think , I will get some for testing :wink:

Hey Patrick, is there a way perhaps that we could list out the Arducopter compatible versions on this list.
It’s a nice graphic but knowing which can work with Arducopter would be helpful.

TF02-Pro, TFmini-S are OK with my CUAV V5+, Arducopter 4.03, Serial connection.

I have to try with a TFmini plus,


TFMini-Plus is a TFMini-S on and IP65 enclosure

@rickyg32 I still have to test TF02-Pro in I2c and TF-Luna in both modes when I’ll get one

Benewake lidar are very good value. We also really appreciate their support as a Partner! Thanks Benewake!


hello, you need to upgrade the firmware, you can contact Benewake for firmware.

I know this isn’t Benewake…but @ppoirier I thought yo might find this interesting.
This is a Mapping Lidar for $600.00…saving my pennies now.

TF-LUNA is compatible in serial mode with type Benewake-Serial…I have been testing as part of working on rangefinder filter improvements…it is not compatible with any ArduPilot driver in I2C mode…hopefully, they will release a firmware update to make it compatible with TFminiPlus-I2C driver soon…

I am about to add it to the Wiki

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Thank you for the questions.
TF-Luna is compatible with Arduino/Pixhawk/RaspBerry Pi. But I2C version does not have existing driver, need to develop. : )

@mlebret thank you for sharing these info, it’s very helpful. : )

This is interesting conclusion, and you are right. TFmini Plus’s main difference with TFmini-S is IP65 enclosure and FOV :wink:

Hello, now Benewake provides the latest firmware for TF-Luna. After upgrading the firmware, IIC interface of TF-Luna can be used to configure Luna as Ranger Finder and Proximity Sensor for obstacle avoidance.
Thank you

Hi, TF02-Pro, mini-S, TFmini-Plus and now TFluna as well (for TF-Luna you need to upgrade the firmware) can be interfaced using IIC.
Thank you

Except TFmini and TF02, all others (TF-Luna, TFmini-S, TFmini-Plus and TF02-Pro) can be connected using IIC and UART . While TFmini and TF02 only support UART interface. Thank you

can you provide a link to the firmware? I will update my Luna and test and add to the wiki…thanks

I have uploaded the firmware and updater to this link. You can download it from here.

Hi @ibrahimqazi I have uploaded the firmware on TF-Luna and it does not works on I2C mode. I have used this library
I have connected the pin 5 from TF-Luna to ground and power supply to 3.3v

Any idea?

Can you share the error please ? I have tested it and it works.

I was testing with a i2c scanner and it found at 0x10 address, but when I try get the distance using this library seems that I have a problem with the next byte and when execute always retrieve 255, so the distance is -1.
Do you are using that library or you have developed your own code with wire.h?
I have reviewed the TFLuna documentantion and seems that the conection is fine, pin5 to ground, supply to 3.3v , SDA to A4 and SCL to A5.

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