Navigation by marvelmind- Indoor GPS

I’m pretty new in the robotic world and I hope someone can help.
I’m working on a robot for agricultural porposes. In aditional to some vision
sensor and other, I want to add Indoor GPS system for the navigation, I though
to use MARVELMIND system. I have a few quastions:

  1. How accurate is that system? Is it 2± as they says? For me even 10± it’s ok, just want to know
    if the system is reliable?

  2. I want to build a prototype just for POC, without any sensor, just a mobile platform that will navigate by the GPS system, by points that I inserted ahead. Also, I need a robotic arm on it.
    What is a recommended robot for that? I mean in low buget’ all he need is just drive on the floor,
    on a route that I told him by the GPS points and to put the the arm edge in places that also were determined by the GPS.

  3. Do you recommend to use ardurover for that porpose?

Thanks a lot

Hi Amit,

I’ve moved this to the Rover category because it was set as the “Blog” category so it was appearing on the front page of No big deal though, it’s moved now.

Rover is advancing quite quickly but we don’t yet support robotic arms. That might be something we could add though…