Multiple Receiver support with non-Pixhawk boards?

The Multiple Radio Control Receivers page says that multiple receivers are only supported by boards with an IOMCU co-processor.

Does that mean that boards like the Matek H743-wing series cannot use multiple receivers?

That’s what it means. The only good reason I can think of for having an IOMCU.

That seems like a weirdly arbitrary limitation. Why not just allow multiple receivers, allow the user to designate one as the master, and if it failsafes or stops sending a valid signal then fall back to the other one?

Many protocols allow for redundancy independent of the autopilot. Both FrSky and Spektrum offer that flexibility. While I’m not a fan of either for my own use, I could understand leveraging their redundant receivers on a large craft or critical application.

I once got pretty creative and did this:

Now I use ExpressLRS, which offers superior range and better telemetry forwarding.