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Mini Talon QuadPlane Conversion

(James Pattison) #201

You guys seem to be on the bleeding edge… if you haven’t seen it, please have a look here: New Loiter Mode - Alpha Testers Wanted
and consider doing a couple of flights with Leonard’s new loiter. Big warning though. It is a significant change to a number of controllers and modes, so may have some as yet undiscovered implications (particularly with quadplane and sub, which are less tested).

(jean-marie BOUDET) #202

I’m building a qplane mini-heel identical to the one you’ve built and put on a great online tutorial.
I have three questions whose answers I have not answered
1 which lengths do the quad arms?
2 could you give me your param for pixhawk?
3 the wiring diagram on the pixhawk to be on because I am new to this type of machine.
In France nobody is on this type of machine and I take this opportunity to thank you for the quality of your work.

(Josh Slager) #203

How are you guys picking what 5 flight modes to assign to your radio switches? And are you overriding the 6th mode as manual?

(Greg Covey) #204

Hi Josh,

You can set the flight modes and channel used in the Full Parameter List and bypass the GCS GUI.


As for the flight modes used, it all depends upon your needs. During testing phases, I would add more QuadPlane flight modes to test hover and sensors like the BARO and GPS. My initial transitions were always QSTABILIZE to FBWA and back. I later added CRUISE mode to test the AS sensor. Next flying season, I’ll continue with QRTL and AUTO mode testing.

(Josh Slager) #205

Thank you , Greg, that was what I was thinking. I was not sure if overriding mode 6 manual would cause problems.

My thought was:

QRTL hybrid

(Josh Slager) #206

I was able to do a kinda successful hover maiden today… but it feels very underpowered and the quad motors came down very hot… Am I underspecced?

TBS endurance motors 2206 1450kv with HQ 7in 7x4.5 props. I should be putting out 1100g thrust per motor and My AUW with a 5200 4s was 2365g

(ronsand) #207

Without having the exact spec on those TBS motors I have a feeling that you are a bit low on thrust to weight ratio with the 7x4.5" props. If the motors can handle the extra current, you might consider trying a bit larger props like 8x4"

Since the motors where quite hot on the 7x4.5" the larger props might also be to much. In any case, with these smaller motors you should keep the hovering to the bare minimum as they just are not as efficient as larger ones with larger props.

(Greg Covey) #208


Congratulations on your initial hover test!

No need to guess about it. Plot the ThrOut in QTUN from the flight log. Here is one of mine from an initial brief hover. The 35% throttle setting shows I’m a bit over-powered but I love it! Also, remember that you are not building a hover machine like a copter so the hovers only need to be a minute long or so.

(Josh Slager) #209

Thanks Greg… I need to learn more about reading logs.

If I’m reading this right… I am weak on the power, having to hold 70%+? The motors came down VERY hot after 1min. This is the log from the video.

(Greg Covey) #210

Yes, that’s correct. It’s 70% of full throttle. I would try Ron’s suggestion next and try 8x4 props. If the ESCs are reasonable temperature to the touch, you can make a better call on the motor temperature if you have an IR temperature gauge.

(Josh Slager) #211

when i say hot. i mean you cannot touch them for more than a half second. I wouldn’t want to overprop the motor at this point. I’m thinking I need a more stout motor for the application. these motors can go on a long range mini quad.

ESCs are not getting warm, they are 45a

(Ozan Yuceol) #212

Hi Greg,

Excellent job, congratulations! I wonder if the following motor/props are enough or not. Could you verify them please?

  • SunnySky 2216 880KV VTOL Motors: Link
  • VTOL Propeller 9x4.5: Link
  • SunnySky 2814 1100KV Forward Flight Motor: Link
  • Forward Flight Propeller: Link



(Greg Covey) #213

Hi Ozan,

Thanks! Yes, those components look fine on a 4s Lipo. Since you will be using a 2-blade 9" prop on the quad motors instead of my 3-blade 9" prop, I would expect the ThrOut setting for hover to be higher than my 35% setting. Hopefully it ends up between 50%-60% which will be great!

Good luck!

(Ozan Yuceol) #214

Hi Greg,

Thank you for your valuable reply. In last minute, I’d decided to buy the following setup. I needed to buy the whole parts from Europe. I hope it’s suitable too.

  • 2216-800KV VTOL Motors: Link
  • 11x5 Thin Style VTOL Propeller: CCW Link
  • 3542-1450KV Fixed Wing Motor: Link
  • 10x8 Wood Propeller for Fixed Wing Motor: Link
  • 4S 8000mAh Li-Po: Link
  • The rest is the same as yours =)

(Greg Covey) #215


The forward flight motor looks to be on the heavy side so you will need to watch your CG. The 10x8 wood prop may prove to be too long for the higher Kv motor as well. Lastly, I do not feel that 11" props will be a good choice for the quad motors due to limited space on the MT.

Good luck!

(Josh Mason) #216

Hi, working on a VTOL Talon here and wondering if anyone is willing to share their working param file? I’ve seen links in the thread but they don’t seem to be working anymore.

Any help would be appreciated.

(Greg Covey) #217

Hi Josh,

There seems to be timeouts (which I call bugs) in the forum that delete the files and prevent authors from editing old posts. On RC Groups, we try to keep the information fresh on the first post, if possible, but you can’t do that here.

I just updated my MT to v3.8.3 so I’ll post a new param file this weekend.


(Josh Mason) #218

That’s great, really appreciate it! I’m trying to get VTOL working using the Navio2 & Raspberry Pi so I’m hoping seeing your param will help point me in the right direction. There’s an issue on the Navio2 where you have to use servo rails 9-12 for the VTOL motors instead of 5-8 but I’m struggling to get that working.

Thanks again.

(Greg Covey) #219

Here is my latest .param file using v3.8.3 firmware.

GregsMiniTalonWithv383.param (16.2 KB)

(Josh Mason) #220

Many thanks Greg! Hopefully that’ll help us.