Mavproxy issue! non-readable message after connexion

i have connected my raspberry pi 3+ to my pixhawk 4.
when i start mavproxy, i’m able to connect the RPI to the pixhawk but i notice some strange message. if soemeone could explain to me what that means please

That’s some corrupted Mavlink packets. Use --cmd="set shownoise 0" to not show it on the console.

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Make sure mavlink is set to the same baudrate the serial port is set to.

i tried the set shownoise 0. It works! Thank you very much :grinning::grinning::grinning: There is no corrupted messages.
But is-it okey to hide them? I’m worried to have issues after hidding them. Maybe they have meaning.

this is my telemetry 2 configuration

And this is what ii use to call the mavproxy --master=/dev/ttyAMA0 --baudrate 921600 --aircraft MyCopter

That would mean there’s something corrupting the connection. Maybe try a slower baud rate to see if you get less corruption, or try using SERIAL2_PROTOCOL=2 to use the Mavlink 2 messages.

MAVProxy is fine with corrupted packets, it’ll just discard them. If there’s too much corruption though, it may be difficult to send commands to the vehicle.

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You got it right. It works and there is no corrupted messages now. This is my configuration


So, now I call the mavproxy with the following command: --master=/dev/ttyAMA0 --baudrate 111100 --aircraft MyCopter

Thank you very much !! I’m so happy. Now i’ll check how dronekit works :grinning::grinning: